Is a Discretionary Bonus accrued during the marriage but issued after the Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage marital property?

In a recent case In re Marriage of Wendt, that came down from the First District Appellate Court on August 16, 2013, the answer is no. The Appellate Court held that a nonvested discretionary bonus accrued during the marriage, but received after entry of a judgment for dissolution of marriage, is NOT marital property. The...
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What is Valuation?

The word “valuation” has many meanings. (It was held in State of Missouri ex rel. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. v. Public Service Commission of Missouri, 262 U.S. 276, 310, 43 S. Ct. 544, 554, 67 L. Ed. 981, Pub. Util. Rep. (PUR) 1923C-193, 31 A.L.R. 807 (1923), that “value is a word of many meanings.”)...
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Amended Illinois Supreme Court Rule 138

The Amended Illinois Supreme Court Rule 138 The effects it has on practicing Attorneys and their Clients The amended Illinois Supreme Court Rule 138 makes significant changes to the disclosure of sensitive information through electronic filings for minors as well as adults. Starting July 1, 2013, social security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers, driver’s license numbers,...
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