Child Relocation (formerly known as Child Removal)

Child Relocation (formerly known as Child Removal)

The Allocation of Parental Responsibility (formerly known as Custody) is a very important aspect in all cases involving minor children, but child support and financial responsibility is just as important to ensure the necessary financial resources for children now and in the future.

In the State of Illinois, the law recognizes the obligation to provide for minor children and seeks child support to be paid by one parent to the other. In most cases, child support is paid to the primary residential parent, however, there are exceptions.

The amount is determined by a number of factors specified in Illinois law as well as Illinois’ statutory “guideline” percentages of the payer’s “net” income, with the percentages increasing based on the number of children. The percentage for one child is 20%, for two 28%, etc. Typically, child support ends when that child reaches 18 years of age; however, there are exceptions, such as a child who is 18 but has not yet graduated from high school or a child who is disabled.

“Net” income for child support purposes is defined as the payer’s income from all sources less certain statutory subtractions such as taxes, health insurance premiums, Social Security payments, mandatory retirement contributions, union dues, prior obligations of child support and spousal maintenance, necessary medical expenses, and expenditures for repayment of debt that was reasonable and necessary for the production of income. Illinois law continues to change and develop. The Law Office of Tiffany M. Hughes, is a firm focusing solely on representing client’s in family law cases, including child support, and are well versed in Illinois Law. We are able to provide you with the representation and step-by-step approach that you need throughout the process.

The Law Office of Tiffany M. Hughes are divorce attorneys who are adept at working with the intricacies of the determination of child support from both the recipient’s and payer’s perspectives. At The Law Office of Tiffany M. Hughes, we handle matters involving child support and are well experienced in determining guideline computations, the actual needs of the child, and a party’s actual ability to pay. More important The Law Office of Tiffany M. Hughes is well skilled at presenting evidence, making arguments to the court on all aspects of child support, as well as providing representation that seeks to resolve the matter in a way that is what is best for the minor children involved. When seeking representation regarding child support, our Firm strives to provide you with a personal, affordable and precise approach to help you resolve all matters, big and small.